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If you pay 12 months in advance, you will receive the thirteenth month free.

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Size Per Month Deposit
5×5 Unheated
5×5 *Heated
5×8 Unheated 45.00 10.00
5×10 Unheated
5×10 *Heated
5×12 Unheated 60.00 20.00
8×10 Unheated
8×10 *Heated
8×12 Unheated 75.00 20.00
10×10 Unheated
10×10 *Heated
10×20 Unheated 140.00 20.00
10×30 Unheated 200.00 20.00
12×20 Unheated 160.00 20.00
20×20 Unheated 280.00 20.00

*The indoor heated storage units are only accessible during office hours.

Size Per Month Restrictions
RV Storage 65.00 For up to 40 feet
Vehicle Storage 45.00 For up to 25 feet: cars and pickups, small trailers, etc.

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  • Discounts may not be combined.
  • Auto Pay is available at any time with a valid credit card. Your payment is automatically charged each month to your card. Easy to use, convenient, and easy to cancel. Cancels automatically upon moving out.
  • Refunds: Occasionally plans change, and you may need to move out before your prepay period is completed. In this case, the rent is recalculated without the discount using the prevailing “standard rent” for that unit size.We charge this price for the actual months occupied. We then refund any whole months you have left. We do not refund partial months.
  • Prorated Refunds: We do not prorate refunds. We do not refund partial months.

Do I Need Insurance?

We strongly suggest that you obtain insurance for your stored goods against loss and damage.

Following industry standard practice, American Mini Storage does not insure or assume liability for the goods you store.

We are in the business of renting storage space only, and do not know what you put in your unit. Most homeowner’s insurance will cover stored goods when you notify them that you have a storage unit.

There may be an additional fee.

Storage unit insurance is available from several insurance companies.

May we suggest one of these . . .

It is generally the case that homeowner’s insurance does not cover valuable items such as jewelry, art work, coin collections and antiques, etc. You must list these things separately and pay an additional premium. Please ask you insurance carrier about your coverage.

We do not allow storage of highly valuable items at our facility.

American Mini Storage uses practices in excess of industry standard to protect your goods. It is important that you understand that we do not assume liability for or insure your goods.